Unique design for connoisseurs..

Loda brings together collections meticulously designed to the slightest detail, high quality acetates that allow for extremely easy assembly but, most importantly, durability.

  • Unique designs Inspired from the 60s and 70s; creativity and passion.
  • Durability Acetates that offer durability
  • Top quality Partnership with the leader acetate producer (Mazzucchelli)

One by one, they come to life again...

“ Capsule Collection ”

Limited edition

Designs inspired by Loda’s old models from the ’60s, were recreated with 8mm acetate Mazzucchelli in different layers of colors.
This edition is limited , because it consists of only 20 numbered pieces in each design!

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“With a deep sense of responsibility towards Loda and opticians. Proud for having revived a brand that epitomizes quality and value for money".

Dimitris Kapolis,
Giorgos Bolias

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